Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Church in Toluca

This past weekend we went over to Toluca to preach for the Loa's. We went over on a bus to Mexico City and from Mexico City we traveled to Toluca. All together, it took us about 5 hours to arrive. 

Grampa hauling our luggage to the main street so we could get a taxi

Gramma at the bus station in Puebla

Arriving in Mexico City

In the Metro...see the girl with the pink backpack? That had a LOUD speaker in it blasting music. She was selling pirated CDs. 

A blind man playing the guitar on the Metro

A lady sleeping

When got outside the bus station in Mexico, a surprise awaited us....
SNOW!!!!!!! (actually hail, but there was sooo much of it.)

It was not even cold outside. It was weird. We soaked our shoes right through to our feet. It was great. 

The puddles

On the bus headed for Toluca

When we got to Toluca, the Loas came and picked us up and took us to dinner. We went to a beautiful restaurant with very tasty food. We then went to the Loa's house and Bro. Loa showed us all kinds of cool songs he made up on the guitar. He is very talented! 

The next day we went to the mall for Chinese food...Toluca has way better Chinese food than Puebla. 

Dacia and myself

That night we went to the Loa's church

The preacher

This lady and two other people got the Holy Ghost!!

The little girls praying

The service was really good and we had such a fun time with the Loas!! This is only part one so stay tuned for part 2!!

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